A New  discovery in molecular biology

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New Molecular Biology

All living organisms require energy for survival, growth and multiplication.  Energy transformations happen inside our cells and initiate REDOX reactions that influence metabolism.  Redox biochemistry is a new field of science that emerged in the 1990's that investigates these reactions and gives insight on how cells might get out of balance.


Reductants and oxidants (REDOX molecules) are formed naturally in the cell, made from the simple atoms in the salt water that fill and surround the cells.

When cells are damaged the redox molecules go into action and signal for cellular repair or for cell replacement.  Redox biochemistry investigates these events.

These men described how a redox molecule inside our cells penetrates membranes and regulates the function of other cells.   In the two decades since that Nobel prize was awarded, scientists studying human cells have made discoveries that have profoundly changed understanding of how cells function.   This new science has identified certain molecules that are produced in our cells and which have the job of creating balance inside and between our cells through a signaling mechanism.

To date, over 10,000 studies have been published in peer-reviewed

scientific and medical journals in the area of redox biochemistry.


Facilitating REDOX reactions to increase cellular efficiency, communication, and function is now possible with a recent breakthrough technology.

Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, PhD, Medical and  Atomic Physics, has

devoted his career

and knowledge to the

advancement of

emerging technologies

addressing the major

health issues facing us

today.  Dr. Samuelson

is credited with a discovery

deemed "impossible"- stabilizing elusive redox molecules into a liquid that is safe to consume.   Over 30 patents now guard this proprietary technology.

Lately, Dr. Samuelson has focused

on applications in the newly emerging redox signaling science being developed world-wide. According to Dr. Samuelson, writing in his book, The Science of Healing Revealed, the emerging field of Redox Signaling deals with the biological redox messengers that are absolutely fundamental to life itself.


"The potential that stabilizing redox signaling molecules and using them as bio-identical non-toxic agents inside of our body is phenomenal. It will be

the future technology… that will affect almost all areas of health science. This technology has the potential of spearheading some of the greatest advances of health

in the world."

You can read about this new science in

REDOX LIFE (2013) by researcher Dr. AS Naidu.

The book is a 534 page authoritative work that

elucidates fundamental redox principles in

chemistry and biology. Dr. Naidu explains the role of

redox interventions in medicine, and captures the interplay between good health and redox supporting nutrients.  REDOX LIFE cites the work of over 150 Nobel Laureates and explains the impact of over 1500 scientific publications on the evolution of life under the influence of redox biochemistry.

What if you knew of a discovery that has been called the most significant scientific achievement for health since the discovery of penicillin and DNA ....

What if this completely safe and non-toxic product could supplement deficiencies that happen in all of our cells .....

What if the product had millions of dollars invested in research but instead of becoming a pharmaceutical, became available to all as a supplement .....


Three American researchers were awarded a Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for discovering an entirely new principle for "signaling" in the human organism.

More than 16 years ago group of medical professsionals, engineers, & researchers discovered a proprietary method for creating redox signaling molecules

native to the human body.

This workled to the creation

of a foundational technology

and a new product, providing

a way to deliver to the body

these stabilized redox

molecules necessary for

optimal cellular health. 



  Dr. Bryan Flamm  

  Bryan Flamm is an acupuncturist,

  a Doctor of Oriental Medicine

  & a Medical Laboratory Technologist M.T.(ASCP). 

  Bryan co-founded a nutritional products company The       Vitamin Trader with his wife Katy which they operated     for almost 30 years providing health and wellness               products and education to customers throughout the         United States. He is an enthusiastic health educator   

  conducts public and private presentations in the new   

  field of redox signaling.

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                               Katy Flamm

Katy has a Masters Degree in biology

and clinical nutrition and is a

Certified Nutrition Specialist. 

While operating The Vitamin Trader

with husband Bryan, Katy produced

a monthly newsletter for over 10 years which provided nutritional research and information to customers.
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